Do I need a lift, an augmentation, or both?

Do I Need A Lift, An Augmentation, Or Both?

What are the benefits of breast implants?


Making an incision under the breast fold and inserting silicon breast implants into the breast pockets behind existing breast tissue is the procedure for a breast augmentation. Anatomical breast implants offer a natural ‘tear drop’ shape, which I frequently use.

I usually use a ‘dual plane’ technique to place them. This implies they’re under the pectoral muscle at the top to give the implant good coverage (also known as a “smooth take off”) and prevent rippling when you’re active.

However, they are placed beneath the breast tissue (over the pec muscle) along the sides and bottom of the breast to provide lift and create curves.

Will a breast implant increase the size of my breasts?


Yes! Breast implants can raise the breasts in rare circumstances. This is frequently accomplished through implant ‘reinflation.’

Women with a minor to moderate level of sagging can be elevated using an implant alone thanks to the combination of a tear drop implant and dual plane method.

This method of lifting with just an implant usually requires a larger implant, which is ideal for women who want complete curves.


When, on the other hand, would I require a lift?

An implant alone will not provide enough lift for ladies who have more pronounced drooping or whose nipples are starting to tip downwards.

A surgical lift, involving an incision under the breast, up the centre, and around the nipple, may be required at this point. This procedure is similar to a breast reduction, but instead of removing breast tissue, the focus is on removing extra skin and contouring the breast.


QUICK TEST: Use the size of your cup and the size of your nipple as a guide!

The position of the nipple on the breast and your current cup size are quick indicators of whether an implant or surgical lift is more likely to help you.

If the nipple is near the bottom of the breast and pointing downwards, or if the breast is larger than a B cup, an implant will not provide enough lift in the long run.

You may be a candidate for an implant-only lift if your nipple is more central to the breast and facing forwards, and you are currently a B cup or less.


Is it possible to have a lift and an implant at the same time?

Absolutely! This can be done in one procedure in some circumstances, but in others, a two-stage breast lift followed by an implant may be more appropriate.


What’s better: a one-stage lift or a two-stage lift with implants?

I perform a lot of implants and two-stage lifts.

This is because the procedures are attempting to accomplish two opposing goals: the lift aims to remove breast skin and tissue while raising the nipple higher on the chest wall. While implants attempt to stretch out the breast skin, they also add volume and weight to the breasts.

Please see my dedicated article on the topic here for additional information on one vs. two stages breast lifts and implants.

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