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Addressing the Presence of Eyelid Ptosis

If your upper eyelid droops over your eye, it can be treated. The condition, called eyelid ptosis, can be corrected by a surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery. Eyelid ptosis surgery lifts the upper eyelid by repositioning the underlying muscles. The procedure is not the same as a blepharoplasty that removes excess fat and skin. Eyelid ptosis is most commonly caused by aging when the muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid gradually weakens. The only way to treat the condition is by surgery. Ptosis surgery is considered to be a medical procedure if your vision is impaired. If not, the surgery is considered cosmetic, and it is not covered by insurance.

Causes of Eyelid Sagging

A drooping upper eyelid is most commonly seen in aging adults, but sometimes people are born with the condition. It may also be the result of physical trauma. Sometimes devices used during Lasik or cataract surgery stretch out the muscle and cause eyelid ptosis. Some medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, glaucoma or autoimmune conditions can cause a drooping upper eyelid.

Preventing Sagging Eyelids

There are some home remedies you can try to prevent a drooping upper eyelid, such as eyelid exercises and muscle stimulation. If these prevention methods do not work, a visit to Dr. Cho at Integrated Aesthetics can reveal an effective and permanent solution to the problem. 

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Treatment Options for Eyelid Ptosis

There are two primary approaches to eyelid ptosis surgery that we offer at Integrated Aesthetics.

  • Upper Blepharoplasty (also referred to as eyelid surgery) is a procedure that involves Dr. Cho manually removing any excess skin or unwanted fatty tissue that may be present. In addition to creating a number of exciting cosmetic effects, upper blepharoplasty can also address vision impairment that may have been caused by sagging eyelid tissue.
  • Upneeq prescription eyedrops are a highly effective yet totally non-surgical solution to eyelid ptosis. This treatment is completely painless and can be administered in the comfort of your own home. Our team will give you the directions needed to ensure that you enjoy your ideal outcome.
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