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If you have loose skin on your thighs after a significant weight loss or liposuction, a thigh lift (thighplasty) can help. A thigh lift can contour your thigh by removing fat add addressing signs of aging. By removing excess skin and tissue, Dr. Cho can reduce your thigh circumference and create the appearance of a more proportional thigh.

  • Average Cost: Starts at $12,000
  • Typical Recovery Period: Six Weeks
  • Discomfort Level: Moderate
  • Anesthesia Options: Local, General, or IV Sedation

What is a Thigh Lift?

Thighplasty, commonly known as a thigh lift, can improve the contour of your inner or outer thighs. By removing excess skin and tissue, Dr. Cho can reduce thigh circumference and create a more proportional look. A thigh lift is typically performed on patients who have experienced significant weight loss or weight fluctuations, and you’re a great candidate for this procedure if you’re experiencing excess tissue or fat in your thighs that just won’t respond to diet and exercise.

Dr. Cho is highly experienced with a range of body contouring procedures and will work with you to ensure that you enjoy naturalistic results that leave you feeling empowered and confident in the way you look. To learn more about what we can do for you, reach out and speak with a helpful member of our team to set up your consultation today.

What Complementary Procedures Pair Well With a Thigh Lift?

Some people have liposuction along with a thigh lift that removes excess skin from the thigh. An outer thigh lift is sometimes performed in conjunction with a lower body lift. The incision is made just below the butt and continues to the outside of the legs. A thigh lift can also be combined with other body contouring procedures, and Dr. Cho will be sure to help you explore all of your options during your consultation. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer patients over 60 treatment options for a truly integrated approach to aesthetics.

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The Benefits of the Thigh Lift

  • A thigh lift will eliminate loose skin after you have lost a significant amount of weight.
  • Your thighs will look more toned and youthful, resulting in better proportion with the rest of your body.
  • A thigh lift can prevent irritation and rashes that can develop on sagging skin.

Dr. Cho’s Thigh Lift Technique

After your anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Cho will remove excess skin and fat before tightening and reshaping the remaining tissue. He will make incisions that correspond to your specific thigh concerns, at the top of your leg, under your buttocks, or along the length of your inner thigh. He will then close the incisions using deep sutures to support the new position of your tissue, and he may place drains to prevent the accumulation of blood and fluid.

There are different types of thigh lifts that address different types of concerns. An inner thigh lift can help laxity that extends from the inner thigh to the knees, while a mini thigh lift addresses sagging in the upper legs. An outer thigh lift is sometimes performed in conjunction with a lower body lift or buttock lift to remedy the area on the outside of the legs, and a posterior or spiral thigh lift tightens the skin on the back of the thighs.

Dr. Cho is proud to be offering these various techniques, and his extensive surgical skill has enabled him to create results that frequently surpass his patients’ expectations. Before your surgery, you’ll work together to decide upon the technique that is right for you before going over every detail of your surgical experience, from incision placement to aftercare instructions and beyond, so you can enjoy total peace of mind.

Your Recovery After a Thigh Lift

Your Initial Recovery Period: The First Few Weeks 

You can expect to take up to two weeks off from work after your thigh lift surgery. You may experience pain for the first couple of days, along with bruising, soreness, and swelling for several weeks. You will be instructed to wear a compression garment for three to four weeks and sleep with your legs slightly bent to lessen the tension on your incisions and prevent wound separation.

Getting Back to Normal After Your Thigh Lift

If the doctor has placed drains, you will be required to measure the amount of fluid they collect every day. The drains are typically removed one to two weeks after the surgery. You will be able to shower after the first few days, and you will be asked to stay home for four to five days. If you have an office job, you may be able to return to work in a couple of weeks. It will be at least six weeks before you can resume strenuous activity.

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What else do I need to know?

Are there any risks involved?

What else do I need to know?

  • A thigh lift is a major surgery with a lengthy recovery period and the potential for complications.
  • You will have visible scars that will fade over time.
  • You may need additional surveys if there are complications.

Are there any risks involved?

In addition to scarring, the most common risk after thigh lift surgery is an infection at the incision site. There is also the risk of a seroma and having the wound open. Choosing a highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Cho enables you to minimize these potential risks to a significant degree.

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