Say Goodbye to Acne Scarring

Most acne blemishes disappear without a trace. However, sometimes when acne heals, a mark may be left behind.  In many cases, these marks are temporary pink or brown “shadows” called post-inflammatory change. These will eventually fade, though it may take many months. Acne scars are different because they are permanent and frequently worsen with age. They can be frustrating facts of life, but they absolutely don’t have to be permanent fixtures on your face.

If you’re interested in addressing the presence of acne scars, Dr. Melissa Chiang and her dedicated team are here to help. Dr. Chiang is a Yale-educated, board-certified dermatologist, and she’ll work closely with you to ensure that you enjoy a treatment regimen that’s been tailored directly to your needs and the unique qualities of your skin.

Explore Our Acne Scar Payment Options

We offer a number of methods by which you can easily afford acne scar treatments at Integrated Aesthetics. Reach out to us at our Spring, TX location and set up your consultation today.

New dermatology patients
  • Consultation for a single issue: $225.
  • Consultation for multiple issues: $275.
Current dermatology patients
  • Consultation for a single issue: $175.
  • Consultation for multiple issues: $200.

How Acne Scarring Is Caused

Acne scars are either depressed or elevated. Depressed scars occur when inflammation from acne destroys collagen, leaving a pit or a divot behind on the skin. These types of scars are more common on the face, especially the temples, cheeks, and chin. 

Elevated scars, on the other hand, occur when the skin creates too much collagen during the healing process. These scars tend to occur more frequently on the chest and back, though they can take the form of small tiny bumps or much larger keloids.

Preventing Acne Scars

The best way to prevent acne scarring is to treat acne as soon as it becomes visible. This is especially true for deeper, more inflamed acne. We like to treat this type of acne very aggressively with oral medication such as Accutane. It’s also important to remember to avoid picking at your blemishes, as doing so can ultimately cause more inflammation and increase the possibility of infection.

Seeking the help of a dermatologist is especially important if you know you are prone to scarring, if you already have acne scarring from previous acne, or if you have had family members with acne scarring. Whatever your case may be, Dr. Chiang will work closely with you to explore the options that will be right for you and educate you about the various ways we can help you find relief from the presence of frustrating acne scarring.

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Exploring Your Treatment Options

Acne scarring is difficult to treat and typically takes multiple sessions, but visiting Integrated Aesthetics enables you to rest assured and look forward to the exemplary results that can be created by Dr. Melissa Chiang. It is best to treat acne scars as soon as your acne is under good control, rather than waiting to see how things go and address the problem in the future. 

For depressed scars, your treatment will be aimed at restarting the wound-healing process with the goal of increasing collagen production. These treatments include manual subcision, microneedling, threads, Sculptra, and chemical peels. For elevated scars, treatments include Kenalog (steroid) injections into the scar and laser treatments.

Here at Integrated Aesthetics, we set ourselves apart through our ability to offer so many of our patients a unique, integrated approach. We’ll help you explore a number of treatment options that might be right for you and work alongside you to develop a bespoke treatment plant that’s tailored directly to your needs. To learn more, reach out and set up your consultation today.

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