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At Integrated Aesthetics, many people would refer to us as Plastic Surgeons, and while that is undoubtedly a service we provide, surgery is not always the best option for many people. One of the most popular services we offer is body sculpting, which, in essence, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure with various techniques which is designed to eliminate fatty tissue. 

There are many advantages to Body Sculpting, and this article aims to explain the top 4 reasons why, in our opinion, Body Sculpting may be an alternative to surgery for the right candidates. Though surgery is clearly the best choice for some, we are always keen to educate our patients and potential patients so that they are in a position to make an informed decision about the best treatment for their needs. 

1) Minimal Downtime and Post-Treatment Discomfort

Undergoing surgery, however minor, will necessitate some downtime following the surgery to allow the body to heal and recover from the surgery. With everyone leading such busy lifestyles, this can be at best an inconvenience, and in some cases, a barrier to treatment. 

Techniques such as CoolSculpting®, or EmSculpt®, are non-invasive, do not require any incisions to be made into the body, and, as a consequence, are pain-free. Most procedures take less than an hour to complete.  Multiple areas may take longer.  There is no downtime or post-surgery pain, most people can continue with the rest of their day the minute they walk out of our office. This means no time off work and enables you to have minimal disruption in your life. 

2) Results Can Be Seen Within Weeks

Not all patients will experience the same results, but it is quite common for patients to notice an improvement within weeks following their first treatment. This is because a procedure such as CoolSculpting® uses the cold to freeze and effectively kill targeted pockets of fat in an area. Once the fat cells are dead, the body naturally gets rid of them through its natural waste system. It usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks for all of the dead fat cells to be eliminated from the body, which is why the best results are experienced after about six weeks. EmSculpt® builds muscle while reducing fat and results can be seen even sooner. 

3) An Excellent Option For Eliminating Stubborn Fat

Losing weight, in general, is not an easy task, and even the most successful dieters can struggle with some regions of the body, where the fat just won’t shift. BodySculpting could be the solution you have been searching for, as it can target that stubborn fat that remains regardless of diet or exercise regimes. Because of the way that body sculpting works, our team of specialists can target with precision, any unwanted fat in the waist, buttocks, shoulders, thighs, or upper arms. It gives you the opportunity to precisely and safely deal with the areas that have not responded to your health and fitness regime. However, it is essential to discuss all of your options with our team as generally speaking, CoolSculpting® and EmSculpt® are designed to sculpt away the last few pockets of fat that simply will not budge. Other alternatives may be suitable for patients who are not close to their ideal body weight. 

Since Ultherapy uses ultrasound to image and treat the skin, doctors are able to treat the area with great precision giving patients great results. Integrated Aesthetics also offers a laser resurfacing treatment known as Venus Viva that not only builds collagen but repairs the surface of the skin as well. Venus Viva delivers small ‘pins’ of energy, bits at a time, to make the procedure both comfortable and effective for the patient. Skin tightening procedures work best to combat sagging skin, wrinkles, and scarring on the face and full face and neck. These treatments encourage the body’s own healing response to gradually restore memory to the skin. 

4) It Helps You To Look Good Remain Motivated and Feel Great

In our experience, losing weight is as much about mental strength as physical exercise and diet. Losing weight, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose can be a roller coaster of emotions, with some weeks being very positive, and others ready to rob you of your motivation. If you have been particularly successful and lost a lot of weight, it can be very disheartening when your skin does not shrink as quickly as the weight loss. Excess skin can demotivate you, and not everyone wants to undergo surgery. For patients with mild to moderate amounts of excess skin, our non-surgical body sculpting options may be ideal.  Many of our patients feel that our body contour treatments are the reward they deserve after working so hard to lose weight. 

Non-surgical body sculpting is just one of the many treatments we offer and Integrated Aesthetics, and it may not be the best option for you. At Integrated Aesthetics, we take great pride in educating our patients and providing them with all of the relevant information to enable them to make the best decision for their situation. Whatever your situation, our advice would be to book an appointment with our friendly team to discuss all of the various options available to you. 

We look forward to welcoming you as our next happy patient!

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